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How To Prevent Scarring After Mole Removal

So you've finally taken the plunge and gotten that bothersome mole removed. Whether you chose laser mole removal or surgical mole removal, the painful part is over and you're now faced with the recovery phase. At this stage, you would be faced with damaged looking skin that slowly heals over. Even after the wound has […]

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Surgical Mole Removals - New Techniques That Help Get Perfect Results

Moles are very common in Singapore. Almost everyone has a mole, and more often than not, a pesky mole that they want to be removed. Even patients that have not considered doing any sort of medical aesthetics treatments are often open to mole removal. Often, patients in Singapore considering mole removal would seek laser mole […]

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When You Really Need To Avoid Laser Mole Removal

Moles are very common especially in sunny Singapore where the UV exposure contributes to mole formation. Mole removal is thus a very popular medical aesthetics treatment in Singapore. Laser mole removal can have fantastic results in many cases. Despite their advantages, laser mole removal should not be performed for some moles. Why? The Problem with […]

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How To Get The Best Laser Mole Removal & What It Costs In Singapore

In Singapore, mole removals are one of the most common medical aesthetics procedures. Even young patients that are relatively satisfied with their appearance often have a couple of pesky moles that they want to get rid of. How should you get the best mole removal? And how much will it cost in Singapore? What are […]

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