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How Can You Get Rid of Your Melasma For Good?

Melasma is one of the most common pigmentation problems for which patients seek treatment in Singapore. A troubling skin pigmentation, it manifests as blotchy and indistinct brown patches on the cheeks, forehead or nose. The unsightly splotches are often very noticeable and difficult to cover even with thick concealer and foundation. Many doctors have given […]

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Nose Threadlifts Vs Fillers: What Your Dr Might Not Be Telling You

Nose threadlifts are getting really popular in Singapore. I’ve had to extend closing hours twice over the past week to accommodate patients doing nose threadlifts. Unfortunately, many patients in Singapore aren’t born with the high, well- defined nose bridge that they desire. Our genetics tend towards shorter and flatter nose bridges with broader and less […]

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Botox Death in Singapore - An Aesthetic Doctor’s Unbiased Opinion

A Chinese language tabloid in Singapore recently broke the sensational news of a young lady’s death. She had allegedly died after receiving Botox injections. Panic gripped many friends and patients. I received numerous questions: Could Botox really kill someone? Is it still safe to go for Botox? What could have happened? Ms Lau Li Ting, […]

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Melasma Cure? Don't Get Scammed!

Can melasma be cured? You might have begun to notice it as a faint brownish shadow on your cheeks, forehead or upper lip that you had dismissed as ‘nothing’.Over time, you got more worried as the marks grew darker and bigger. After a carefree day in the sun, the patches too, multiplied with wild  abandon. […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal: 5 Proven Strategies to Help You Avoid Botching It Terribly

Up to 78% of people experience tattoo regret. Do you have an unwanted tattoo that you no longer identify with? Although you can’t wait to get rid of it, you might be secretly afraid of taking the next step to remove it. Do you fear a botched job leaving a sad, ugly mess or perhaps […]

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